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About us

Perfectory.com ... from Web Design to the Barbie Edition!

Perfectory.com was founded in the year 2000, during the wild-west days of web design. All throughout those crazy years, Perfectory Web Design Services enjoyed a great deal of success, particularly in the realm of website templates. (Oh, the stories would fill a tome… or at least a big blog!)

Things began to slow down during the past few years and I finally decided to retire in late 2016. After that, Perfectory.com, which had been my passion for so many years, just languished in under-construction, landing-page obscurity. Although still paying its way with non-expiring affiliation links and long-term advertising contracts.

During this time one of my dearest friends, serendipity, drew me back to my childhood pastime and life-long interest – Barbie dolls. Accordingly, I have resurrected Perfectory for the Barbie Edition.

Barbie became my favourite toy very soon after her introduction in 1959. If memory serves, I may even have owned one of the original dolls from that year. I also collected many of Barbie’s stunning ensembles, a Titian bubble cut Barbie, Barbie’s friend Midge, Barbie’s little sister Skipper, an original Barbie Fashion Shop from 1962 complete with “Modeling Salon, Elegant Furniture and Fittings”, and a vintage Barbie bedroom set. No Ken dolls. I have never seen the point of male dolls!

Unfortunately, I passed the entire collection on to a young cousin, and never saw any of my Barbie assemblage again. At one point I considered reconstructing my early collection but have since become more enamoured with later dolls such as the Barbie Fashion Model Collection and Silkstone dolls.

Barbie boasts five decades of heritage and has collaborated with more than 75 different fashion designers and served as creative inspiration to more than 150+ famous designers.

Thank you for visiting, and for your patience while I continue to develop this website!
~ Catherine

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